api error forbidden

By test000 at 2016-04-15 • 0 collector • 351 pageviews

i got error in my api 

	"Status": 0,
	"ErrorCode": 403,
	"ErrorMessage": "Forbidden"

mobile and desktop site has no problem only in my api.

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2016-04-15   #1

ok it fix. now when i try to login in mobile and api it said wrong password. but when in desktop site i can login. dont no what is the problem

2016-04-15   #2

ok fix again.

2016-04-15   #3

API is prohibited from being accessed by users. 

API can only be accessed by authenticated client.

2016-04-15   #4

Reply to #3 @lincanbin :

I got network error.

2016-04-16   #5

Reply to #4 @guban :

Print your log. 

Use the browser to access the API domain name. It is successful if the content of the browser shows the same as this topic, otherwise check your settings again. 

Requires Login