Carbon Forum Version 5.0.1 Release Notes

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Changelog of Version 3.3.0:

  • Added API. (Documentation)

  • Adjust style.

  • Enhanced code readability.

  • No need to enter the password twice when registering.

  • Show site name at the bottom of page.

  • Display all avatar in circular.

  • Press tag enter key automatically before creating new topic in mobile version.

  • Update appframework ui.

  • Optimized the mobile version cache mechanism.

  • Add Russian language pack. (by @naiffuR )

  • Add HTML5 audio tag support.

  • Change SyntaxHighlighter style.

  • Fix the bug that needs to double click the return key to take effect in mobile version.

  • New editor style.

  • Fixed some drafts issues.

  • Set position of NavBar to fixed.

  • Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

  • Automatically jump to a possible notifications tab.

  • Fixed the issue that might be caused by using some older versions MySQL drivers.

You can download it from .

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Great work!

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Thank you !

Great work !

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As of 5/10/2016 Carbon Forum is now being sponsored and helped by the Tecflare Corporation. We are also very glad to announce the Tecflare Parakeet Hosting Soulution. The WebParakeet will allow you to install Carbon Forum and use it. Be sure to check out our github repository at

Thank You developing Carbon Forum.


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