Carbon Requests by my community

By mumble at 2015-10-28 • 1 collector • 1053 pageviews

Hi My community has made some good suggestions for carbon, and want to see if you could offer some help with features that could be enabled like login with steam. Also wondering what is the security features like on this.

  • Switchable dark theme

  • WEBm support

  • More Admin controls

  • Update on social media intergration( I.E twitter, Soundcould, better default embembing, and etc)

  • Any wordpress, drupal, joomala intergration planned or could be done now?

  • How to get login with steam to work if possible?

  • better youtube embemming

  • tracking system

Also do you have a english irc? I would like to come by and idle and chat too!

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2015-10-28   #1

Your suggestion has been received. I am considering what is the function that can be added to Carbon.

I don't have english irc. 

2015-10-30   #2

cool, I am going to try to see what I can do with drupal and this on my own and report, someone made the suggestion of making a custom module and see where that goes.

2015-10-30   #3

My only question is, is it possible to write a script were a Posts gets auto pruned after X conditions are met? also is it possible to remove this music player?

2015-10-30   #4

also an edit button.

2015-10-31   #5

Reply to #3 @mumble :

These are all possible. 

2015-11-02   #6

cool, any docs or guides to point me i nthe right direction?

2015-11-03   #7

Reply to #6 @mumble :

There is no documentation now, but I believe that this program is very easy to understand.

2016-02-18   #8

Reply to #7 @lincanbin :

we need to actually create some write up. That way we can get more users. The software is interesting

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