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First off, Really like this forum software, hope to see it grow as a whole. Here is a few suggestions my group provided from quick use. We really like this software of to bat and wondering how long do you plan to support the software?


  • Dark Themes; A webpage that is not so bright.

  • Spell Check; English spelling with Proper grammatical English.

  • Multimedia Intergration; Access Social media, and, Online tools within the forum.

    -See Discourse forum software as example.

  • Fleshed out Admin panel; Add more core functions, Statistics system, and, general options.

  • More User Attributes.

  • Flesh out Quoting and Reply system.

    -See Discourse forum software as example.

  • User Classes with options.

  • Banning options

  • Unique Views per Account / IP

  • Post Self-delete if not flagged

    -See Discourse forum software as example.

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2015-07-20   #1

We have received your suggestions, most of which have been in the development agenda. 

2015-07-21   #2

Cool thanks for the answer, I will be lurking clsoe by keeping a eye. really do have to say I am really impressived with this so far, its the only tag based forum software I could find.

2015-07-24   #3

Can't seem to get avatars to work on my forums, they are uploading, just not showing. not even the "m" icon show here, did not appear on my forums when first installed.

2015-07-25   #4

Reply to #3 @mumble :

Is there a screenshot?

2015-07-25   #5

Reply to #3 @mumble :

GD extension is necessary if you want to generate the default avatar automatically. 

This extension should be enabled in most cases.

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