Carbon Forum Version 3.3.0 Release Notes

By lincanbin at 2015-05-03 • 3 collector • 863 pageviews

Changelog of Version 3.3.0:

  • Mobile version of forum #21

  • Site Search with autocomplete #17

  • Generated avatar for new user automatically #18

  • Add memcached and memcache supporting #16

  • Add Redis supporting #35

  • Improve performance

  • Automatic extract the square central part of the avatar, and zoom to the specified size

  • Editing post supporting

  • Quoting post supporting

  • Equip independent draft box for every topics

  • Block users #25

  • Add favicon

  • Adjust style

  • Remove some emotion

  • Add a button to return to the top of the page #23

  • Replace with higher resolution material icons

  • Use more secure cookies checksum algorithm #31

  • Add corresponding relationship between PC page and phone page in sitemap for Baidu Search Engine #40

  • Add corresponding relationship between PC page and phone page in sitemap for Google Search Engine #41

  • Press Ctrl + Enter to submit. #26

  • Posting frequency limit. #13

  • Nginx supporting

  • Change layout of siderbar

  • Add Polish language pack

  • The W3C XHTML Markup Validation

  • Fool-proofing in Advanced Settings. #14

  • Fixed overflow in syntaxHighlight

  • Fixed compatibility issues in Microsoft IE when uploading images.

  • Fixed the bug that dditor does not display under Internet Explore 8 #15

You can download it here.

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Reply to #1 @vicvinc :


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Reply to #1 @vicvinc :

2016-01-02   #4

Very nice update, Im playing around with making this currently intergrating into wordpress. will Update if success or failure when finish.

Overall good up the good work! shaved about .10 mb usaged on my setup with new update.

2016-01-29   #5

For this problem, you are given N days of upvote count data, and a fixed window size K. For each window of K days, from left to right, find the number of non-decreasing subranges within the window minus the number of non-increasing subranges within the window.

A window of days is defined as contiguous range of days. Thus, there are exactly [math]N-K+1[/math] windows where this metric needs to be computed. A non-decreasing subrange is defined as a contiguous range of indices [math][a,b][/math], [math]a<b[/math], where each element is at least as large as the previous element. A non-increasing subrange is similarly defined, except each element is at least as large as the next. There are up to [math]K(K-1)/2[/math] of these respective subranges within a window, so the metric is bounded by [math][-K(K-1)/2,K(K-1)/2][/math].

2016-01-29   #6

For this problem, you are given N days of upvote count data, and a fixed window size K. For each window of K days, from left to right, find the number of non-decreasing subranges within the window minus the number of non-increasing subranges within the window.

A window of days is defined as contiguous range of days. Thus, there are exactly [math]N-K+1[/math] windows where this metric needs to be computed. A non-decreasing subrange is defined as a contiguous range of indices [math][a,b][/math], [math]a<b[/math], where each element is at least as large as the previous element. A non-increasing subrange is similarly defined, except each element is at least as large as the next. There are up to [math]K(K-1)/2[/math] of these respective subranges within a window, so the metric is bounded by [math][-K(K-1)/2,K(K-1)/2][/math].

2016-02-17   #7

Looks nice. . Any way to add Facebook and twitter Auth for registration?


2016-02-17   #8

Please how do we update site information and user profile birthday, etc

2016-02-23   #9

Reply to #7 @chope1 :

I will add it in subsequent versions. 

2016-02-23   #10

Reply to #8 @thegurudeveloper :

You can update it in the dashboard.

2016-02-29   #11

Thanks @lincanbin

Waiting for the next release!

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