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Messi, the world best!

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Created topic › Mobile image upload test.

Image one.

Image two.

Image three.

«  2016-07-24
Replied to topic › Follow Self, Why?

I know that Follow other members is a feature but why did it include follow SELF?

«  2016-07-24
Replied to topic › Woohoo Tecflare Support

What us Tecflare? Web Host?

«  2016-07-22
Replied to topic › Can I remove the footer?

It's possible but I don't think you are supposed to do so.

Give honor to whom it's due.


«  2016-07-22
Created topic › Follow Self, Why?

I don't know the idea behind this but I don't thinl it is supposed to be.

Why should I follow myslef?

Is it really necesarry?

Is this a bug or just intentional?

«  2016-07-22
Replied to topic › Test topic

Nice peace of software.

Image test 

«  2016-07-22
Replied to topic › Add Categories.

Please what do you guys think about this?

«  2016-07-22
Created topic › Add Categories.

I am a kind of thinking it will be cool to add categories, I will be very helpful in navigation.


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