Inverter for yacht

By albert364 at 2022-09-15 • 0 collector • 150 pageviews

Hi all, recently bought a brand new boat. And today I decided it was time to fix her up. Got to the inverter, and realized that I don't know where to buy one at all. What stores do you know? And should I even buy one? 

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2022-09-15   #1

I think you can't do without an inverter. Especially if you plan to walk on it for a long time. I bought one for my boat here, too. It helps me a lot. I only have a boat in the pipeline. And congratulations on such a great purchase. A lot of people dream about it, it seems to me.

2022-09-15   #2

This is where inverters really come in handy. I think you should ask the people who know about it. I don't think they can help you with your choice.

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