Start writing the results section of a research paper

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After you have completed your analysis and data collection, you can start writing the results section of a research paper. Here you will report the key findings from your research.

It is important to report all relevant results in a concise and objective manner, in a logical sequence. To illustrate particular findings, you can use graphs and tables. The results section of your paper should contain the data from your research. This section is usually the shortest and most clinical part of your paper.

Don't include subjective interpretations of the results. Just relay the data in the most objective way and simple manner possible. In the discussion section of your paper, you can provide your own interpretation of these results.

You might not need a separate chapter on results depending on the field. Sometimes, qualitative research such as ethnography involves combining the results with the discussion. However, in most cases of empirical research, you should report the results before you begin to discuss their meaning. This provides a clear picture of what you have found, and separates your interpretation from the data.

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